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Sustainable practices & polices

- Managing waste responsibly by recycling cooking oil, fat renderings, ink cartridges, magazines, cardboard, plastic, tin, aluminum, and glass. 

- We use recycled/recyclable packaging for our packaging and service ware (utensils, bags, plates, coffee cups, salad containers, napkins, lunch boxes, etc) wherever possible.

- Adhering to an active recycling and commercial composting program reducing our footprint when possible.

- We print menus and in-house materials on recycled copy paper, and only as needed.

-  Our ware-washing and janitorial processes include eco-friendly soaps and detergents, and our dish sprayers are low-flow which reduce the volume of water used in this task.

- Maximizing all ingredients in food production to reduce organic waste by making donations of extra food to organizations such Convenant House, Food1st Foundation, Bowery Mission, Rethink Food and many more. 

- Part of our our dedication to giving back to our community involves giving back  both through volunteerism and donations. Our staff are involved with many local organizations throughout the year.